60 Ton Self-aligned Welding Rotator

60 Ton Driver+Idler Set Loading Capacity
Self-aligned type with 2 roller

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Product Description

Self-aligned welding rotators have robust design and 4 rollers in each unit. Adapted to harsh environment, the machine adopts variable frequency driver to function in low-sound and gentle rotation.


Automatic adjustment function can accommodate to various diameters of vessels without manual pre-set. This feature favors oval tanks and irregular vessel. All Fengwei welding rotator have been certified by CE and ISO9001 standards - leader in the welding automation industry. 


Technical Parameter

HGZ-60 (Drive and Idler)

Load Carrying Capacity

Drive: 30t/66,000lbs max
Idler: 30t/66,000lbs max
Set: 60t/132,000lbs max

Rotation Capacity

Drive Roll: 90 tonnes max

Vessel Diameter Capacity

Φ750 to 4800mm

Rotation Speed Range

100-1000mm/min VFD

Tyre Type


Wheel Size

Φ450×120 mm

Cabinet Control

Manual monitor with 5m cable/wireless monitor

Rotation Drive Motors

4 kW

Primary Input Power

110-575V, Single/3 Ph, 50/60Hz


Pressure vessel, wind tower fabrication, bullet tank, chemical storage tanks, irregular cylindrical job etc


Manual talking/Motorized walking;

Custom build welding rotators available;


Control Box Ingress Protection Rating: IP65

Product specifications and availability may vary by country

Additional Information

HGZ-60 (Drive and Idler)

Min Order Qty

1 Set

Delivery Time

In stock

Payment term

T/T, L/C


CE, ISO9001, SGS report


RAL5015&RAL1028 or per request

Ask Us

If you are not sure which model suits your request, please inquiry us with following details

we will leave the proposal in your mailbox in 12 hours:


1. Max. loading capacity in tons or max. weight of each Tank’s weight in tons;

2. Total weight of whole Pipeline if in production line;

3. Manually adjusting roller or automatic adjusting welding rotator;

4. Min&max diameter range of Tank/Vessels in mm;

5. Total length of Tank/Vessel in mm.



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