Column and Boom Welding Machine

FENGWEI Machinery manufactures WELIDNG MANIPULATOR for sale, equipped with welding rotators to seam weld vessels likewise. The machine is also called as column and boom machine, boom welding machine or longitudinal welding machine etc, with robust frame, vibrationless boom, stable welding head,free tech proposal easy-to-use control system. The boom are designed to move along with the column either side by side or up and down to a desired position. The welding head is mounted on the end of boom to finish Inside/Outside/Longitudinal/Circumferential seam applications. Integrated with submerged arc and MIG can duplicate a skillful welder to reach mechanical automation.


Now, are you now approaching an automation trend, but long-term cost saving and high efficiency work flow? Fengwei Welding Manipulator is the right one for you.

Medium duty 3000*4000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 1200*3500

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 4000*4000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 4500*8000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 5000*5000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 5000*6000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 6000*6000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 7000*7000

Fixed or travel base

Medium duty 8000*8000

Fixed or travel base

3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, piper turning roller or welding positioner according to clients’ requests.Precised welding torch traveling on the boom makes it suitable for GTAW, GMAW and SAW applications. These manipulators are available in fixed column, 360 degree manual/motorised rotation and manual/motorised trolley. For details, please review below description or shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

Composition of Column and Boom Welding Manipulator


Column and boom machine structure: heavy-duty construction design. The column and beam adopt bending welding structural parts, which have good rigidity. Light, medium and heavy welding manipulators adopt triangular guide rail, and super heavy model adopts plane square guide rail, which are processed by planer machines. The high precision and wear resistance of the guide rail are ensured. Boom and column has a unique cross-section design treated by stress relief after welding, planing and grinding. Our models are well known by its light weight, high strength and good stability. They are widely used for longitudinal and circumferential seam welding of inner and outer seams of cylindrical workpieces such as boiler industries and petrochemical vessel etc.


Elevation mechanism: The boom lifting adopts constant speed mode of AC motor, which is stable and uniform with high safety factor, equipped with safety device.


Boom expansion: The boom retraction, electric rotation and electric trolley adopt AC free tech proposal.jpgmotor with frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, constant torque output, stable speed (especially at low speed), fast start or stop, and preset speed digital display.


Trolley: The trolley adopts standard railway track as walking track, with manual and electric option. Manual is suitable for light and small moving range operators, while electric ones are suitable for heavy or large heavy duty welding manipulators.


Welding system: Single or tandem sub arc welding heads are optional, equipped with wire feeders, control systems, flux management systems and weld monitoring cameras along with sub arc tractors and weld positioning equipment. Well-designed column and boom machine equipped with welding system accommodates deep groove and narrow gap applications.


Electric control: Manual control box and head control box (welding control box) are set for nearby or remote control mode for flexibility and convenience. Linkage interface is reserved in the electric box, which can realize synchronous linkage with welding rotators, welding positioner and rotary table.


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