UBZ-12 Box Girder Assembling Machine

UBZ-12 Box Girder Assembling Machine is specialized for bottom plate, web plate and baffle plate of box beam. Shoot us a message for more details.

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Product Description

The automatic centering of flange and web adopts hydraulic motor and gear, with high centering precision and good retentivity. All operations are centralized on the electric control button panel, with easy and convenient operation and precising positioning.

The main components of this machine are welded structure parts with large strength and light weight. Key components have been stress relieved, which prevent deforming easily.

Technical Parameter



Size Range of Work Pieces

300X300-1500X1500 mm

Applicable Length of Work Pieces

4000-15000 mm

Max load weight

20 t

Gantry Travel Speed

4 m/min

Power of Traveling Motor

0.75×2 kw

Hydraulic System Pressure

14 mpa

Max Pressure of Left and Right Cylinders

15 t

Max Pressure of Upper Cylinder

30 t

Max Stroke of Left and Right Cylinders

950 mm

Max Stroke of Upper Cylinder

1050 mm

Left and Right Head Lifting Stroke

1300 mm

Motor Power of Oil Pump

7.5 kw

Host Power

8.6 kw

Power Supply (three-phase-four-wire system)

3P, 380V/220V±10%, 50Hz±2


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