Inner Seam Automatic Welding Machine For Power Transmission Poles

Inner Seam Welding Machine is specialized welding machine for power transmission poles. For details, please review below description or shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

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Product Description

The function of Inner Seam Welding Machine for Power Pole is driven by the walking turning roller traveled at a welding speed, but the welding equipment of inner seam is in a fixed place. The running speed of turning roller uses servo electrodeless speed regulation, which can perfectly match with welding speed. The manual switch box can control the engine of walking turning roller and welding.


Due to the taper of power pole, the adjustable turning roller adopts a screw-adjusted roller rack. The distance between roller bases is adjusted by manual screw based on the request of inner longitudinal seam welding.


The head of inner longitudinal seam welding machine is equipped with two-dimensional mechanical tracking mechanism, which can reduce a frequent adjustment of the machine head due to the error of cylinder placement.


The equipment is equipped with a welding swinging device, which can swing or not swing welding.


The head is equipped with a camera, and the operator can track the welding status through the display lively.

Technical Parameter

Web Thickness

6-30 mm

Max. Length of Web

13000 mm

Min. Inner Diameter of Power Pole

270-2500 mm


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