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Manufacturing Capability

Fengwei Machinery has formed a complete and strict quality management system in welding automated equipment and cutting machine manufacture, its operation is in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality manual.

We offer pre-consultancy with the client regarding workpiece parameters, the client’s factory structure and labor’s habit, then customize the product layout to deliver a cost-effective and efficient automation equipment proposal. 

Why Choose Fengwei

ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification.

More than 20 years’ manufacturing experience.

A great deal of professional technicians.

Factory covering an area of 40000 m².

More than 100 sets of general machinery processing equipment.

R&D on 80% equipment in welding and cutting.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing of welding automated machine and cutting equipment, Fengwei Machinery owns a large amount of general machinery processing equipment. For example vehicles, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, punching, welding, bending, shearing equipment and so on. We have also independently developed fiber laser cutting equipment, CNC plasma cutting equipment and CNC flame cutting equipment for processing work pieces.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Achieve stress relieving to avoid deformation.



In-house design, manufacturing and delivering helps to ensure the precision control within +-0.01 mm.



Share production progress with client to keep tracking.

Quality Check

ISO 9001 certificate, routinely verify technical parameters requested by the client.

Ensure the packing suits the nature of product being shipped to minimize the risk of being damaged while in transit.
Wooden Packaging
Wooden packing applies to the equipment with large quantity and small size, such as spare parts, laboratory facilities and electrical material.
wooden packing 2.jpg
Nude Packing
Nude packing is mainly used for some equipments that is wear resistant, high quality, and without packing, such as the steel that install the material, shell plate of equipment, which saves cost for customers.
Snakeskin Bag, Airform Winding Packing
This packing method is mainly used for easily worn-off equipment that painted on surface which is rust-proof, wear-resistant and anti-collision.
Airform Winding packing.jpg
Waterproof Winding Packing
Waterproof winding packing is suitable for all loose packaged equipment, secondary machine and electrical products, reducer, electric control cabinet, it adopts stretch film packaging, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.
waterproof winding packing.jpg
Installation and Training

Mechanical technician team and electronic technician team have professional field work experience. They help workers to pay attention to some details which usually don't be easy to notice but extremely important.


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