CNC / Laser Cutting Equipments

New Era of Cutting Equipment and Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The series of CNC Cutting Equipment are available with CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, or combined capabilities in table-type or gantry type. We match plasma source power with imported US Hypertherm, Germany Thermadyine and other brands as your request. Modern technology of fiber laser cutting machine is also officially introduced from Fengwei, equipped with well-known Raycus laser source and imported gear and electric components. A newly invested production base with over 40,000 square provides a perfect manufacturing environment to ensure high quality and high standards. The fiber laser cutting machine economically save space and gas consumption, great photoelectric conversion rate and high energy saving. We greatly introduce you Fengwei model of Fiber Laser Cutting machine, which consumes only 20-30% of the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine and well-known as environmentally friendly product.

Application Fields

Cumulative experience over 20 years, we have done OEM and ODM for domestic and foreign companies over 15 countries in variety fields of steel structure such as boiler and pressure vessel companies, wind turbine manufacturers, military machinery and environmental protection equipment, shipyard and bridge constructions, petroleum engineering and metallurgical industries as well as other metalworking factories. Company tour is very welcome. 


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