Full Enclosed Tube Laser Cutting Machine

High-power laser cutting machine has a safe and beautiful design with protective shell that is completely cover the whole machine. It meets European quality standards, effectively protects against radiation, and prevents mechanical damage.

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Product Description

Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine brief introduction:

  1. Machine structure adopts cantilever type, stable performance and operation.

  2. Adopt the HMI user interface, the control system all uses the touch screen +wireless hand control, has the laser power adjustment function, can guarantee the cutting quality and stability, the operation is simple and flexible, has a number of ports convenient expansion in future.

  3. Machine adopts AC servo motor drive system, mechanism system adopt gear and rack transmission, linear guide rail guidance, to ensure the cutting machine of high speed, high precision and high reliability etc..

  4. The rack and guide rail adopt fully enclosed protective device to prevent dust pollution, improve the service lifetime of the transmission parts, and ensure the long-term movement accuracy of the whole machine.

  5. Professional automatic nesting software, one-key automatic typesetting, so that the material is no longer wasted (the customer only provide the IGS format 3D digital model graphics is OK).


Product Description

Automatic loading and unloading system mainly include the follow items:

This system includes automatic feeding and automatic unloading. The automatic feeding system is seamlessly connected with the laser pipe cutting machine through the numerical control system to realize the hoisting and feeding of the whole bundel of pipe materials. The control system sets up the intelligent material division of the pipe and the whole conveying process is full automatic, which saves the cost of the manual feeding and greatly improves the working efficiency of the laser pipe cutting.

  1. Raw material rack: the maximum loading bearing capacity of PVC strip is 3 Tons.

  2. Fixed pipe attitude structure: ensure each time the pipe imput on the conveyor belt direction, servo motor control to determine the size of the pipes.

  3. Transition sproket: used for conveying metal pipes.

  4. Conveyor chain: this device for placing multiple pipes, which can be placed in a predetermined position.

  5. Feeding jacking mechanish: adjust the center heigh of the feeding pipe to keep the same as the center height of pipe cutting device.

  6. Pipe length fixing mechanish: through the servo motor to push the pipe, determine the actual size of the pipes.

  7. Pipe push mechanish: servo motor positioning, fast and accurate pipe to the cutting machine.

Main Component

Main Components.png

Q: How do I install this machine?

A: The machine has been installed and debugged before leaving the factory. Once the machine arrives, we will send engineer to install and train.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: This machine is guaranteed for one years and lifetime services.

Q: how do I operate this machine? Is training necessary?

A:The machine is automatically operated with software. Simple, not complicated. Before delivery, we will make a simple operation guidelines with picture, and software manual. Generally speaking, an operator who is not familiar with the fiber laser marking machine can still operate it well. According to clients’ requests, we can send technicians to your factory for an on-site machine training, or stop by our factory for machine training. We timely invite our client to our factory and provide technical sharing seminars.


Q: If there is a problem with the machine, what about the after-sales service?

A: We offer a one-year warranty on the machines.Within the warranty period, if there is any problem with the machine, we will deliver the required parts free of charge. But man-made damage is not covered by our warranty. After the warranty period, we still offer a lifetime service.

Technical Parameter



Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Wavelength


Max Length of Pipe

3000mm/6000mm/12000mm (can be customized)

Electro-optical Conversion Efficiency

Cutting Thickness
0.5-30mm (per request)
Cutting Seam Width
0.1-0.3mm (per request)

X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy


Max Idle Moving Speed

Max Acceleration
Tailing Length
Pipe Processing Range

Round Pipe: 20mm - 210mm (can be customized)

Square Pipe: 20mm - 150mm (can be customized)

Power Supply
380V 50hz/60hz (per request)

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