Specialized Turning Rolls

We are professional at designing and manufacturing specialized turning rolls, including hydraulic adjustable turning roller, turning roller with flexible trolley, pop-up turning roller and special dust-proof turning rollers (Please refer to field pictures below). Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

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Product Description

Specialized Turning Rolls are customized to meet special purposes based on standard parameters by Clients' requests. Below are some examples we made for our clients.

Hydraulic Adjustable Turning Roller with Traveling Trolley

  • Mainly used assembly/weld/blast big pipe, containers, boilers, pressure vessels, oil tank, wind tower and other cylinders.

100t Hydraulic Adjustable Welding Rotator

Hydraulic Adjustable Pipe Welding Rotator with Flexible Trolley

Anti-scurring Turning Roller

Pop-up Welding Roller

Special Dust-Proof Turning Roller

  • Dust-Proof Turning Roller is specialized to assist in adjusting the position of working pieces, while powder coating or polishing. This type of machine has the safety design of explosion-proof.

100T Special Dust-Proof Welding Rotator Machine


Hydraulic Welding Rotator

Hydraulic Welding Rotator

Hydraulic Welding Turning Roller

Welding Rotator with Long Roller Rack

Turning Roller with Long Roller Rack


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