Structural characteristics and maintenance of Welding Turning-roll

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Features of welding turning-roll:

1. It can be combined according to the weight and length of welding parts, which is convenient and flexible to use.

2. Adjust automatically the center distance of the roller within the specified range, suitable for welding parts of different diameters and the welding parts of the cylinder body can be placed smoothly.

3, Stepless speed regulation, big range of welding speed, stable speed.

4. Strong applicability and wide use.

5. Combined roller, metal wheel outsourcing rubber, smooth transmission, high friction and long life.

6, small pressure on workpiece, and cold work hardening can be avoided on the working surface.

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Maintenance for roller frame

1. Check and clear the obstacles in the machine before welding and assign a special person to use and keep them. Do not touch oil and kindling on the roller frame. Oil is often injected into each oil hole.

2. Rolling bearing: lubricate through the oil cup on the bearing cover. It is recommended to choose sodium base grease.

3. Transmission gear: for the first use, remove the gear protective cover and apply proper amount of grease on the gear. Sodium grease is recommended. In the process of use, grease can be added through the oil injection hole on the gear cover, and foreign matter is forbidden to fall into the gear.

4. Cycloidal gear reducer: add grease as required before use. Grease such as grease -2#, molybdenum disulfide -2# or 2l-23 lithium grease is recommended at normal temperature. The loading amount of grease is 1/2-1/3 of the reducer volume, the grease should not be added too much, otherwise it will produce stirring heat.

5. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, all transmission parts should be lubricated regularly or irregularly. The cycloid gear reducer must be checked every month to make up the lubricating oil.

6. All transmission parts are strictly prohibited to use without lubrication.

7. Grease must be replaced before restarting the equipment that has been sealed for a long time.

8. In the process of use, the roller should be in full contact with the workpiece. Do not touch the roller with welding seams or sharp parts to avoid damaging the roller.

9. When lifting and placing the workpiece, it is strictly prohibited to hit the roller vigorously to prevent damage to the roller or other parts. When the equipment is not fixed, strong impact may cause the equipment to overturn.

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The cleaning on the surface of the welding rotator

In order to ensure the quality of stainless steel products, ensure the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life, the surface of the roller frame must be cleaned before use. All drives should be lubricated regularly. During lubrication and use, foreign bodies should be avoided. Close the switch and start the motor to turn, observe whether the operation of each part is normal. Make sure there is no problem before working. When installing, the height and longitudinal position of the welding turning-roll of the main and slave moving parts should be the same. If not placed properly, the welds will shift during rotation. Pay attention to the sanitation around the equipment at ordinary times. Make the equipment work normally in a clean environment.


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