Selection Principle of Welding Equipment

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Welding is an important and common process industrial process. Without the high-tech methods, the welding equipment really plays an essential role. How to choose it and choose which welding equipment supplier should be carefully considered. There is a company named, Fengwei Machinery is highly recommended, which is a 20-year CNC welding and cutting machine manufacture.


One of the main selection principles of whatever equipment is that you must know as much as possible of it before you pay. So, in the following section, introducing the main cores of Fengwei Machinery is very significant. FW Machinery mainly maintains the business of CNC / laser cutting equipment, welding equipment series, beveling milling equipment and rental products.


To talk about welding equipment series with more details, Fengwei includes welding positioner turntable, specialized turning rolls and welding manipulator as its key products in this series. Welding positioner turntable or the rotating welding positioner is one of the assistant machines to adjust the position of working pieces, available for variable models of tasks in different difficulty levels.


Next, the specialized turning rolls produced by Fengwei are professional at designing and manufacturing, including hydraulic adjustable turning roller, turning roller with flexible portions. What’s more, there is a type of turning roller called HGK adjustable turning rolls are essential equipment for heavy and light fabrication shop. They are used to rotate or position the cylindrical jobs for circumferential welding (TIG / MIG / SAW) or for intricate assemblies. For details, HGK adjustable turning rolls mainly consist of powered rotator, idle rotator, driving reducer system, and control system etc. It is mainly used for longitudinal and circular seam welding of cylinders linked with submerged arc welder. According to clients’ demand, the roller ahs 3 forms which are Rubber Wheel, Steel Wheel and Steel Rubber combined Wheel.

 HGK Adjustable Turning Roller

For the last type, welding manipulator, it is 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, piper turning roller or welding positioner according to clients’ request. Precise welding torch traveling on the boom makes it suitable for GTAM, GMAW and SAW applications. These manipulators are available in fixed column, 360-degree manual/motorized rotation and manual/motorized trolley. Welding manipulator can be equipped with a wireless remote-control box for convenience. The column and boom adopt welding equipment which adopts tempering post welding, then carry out fine machining which can ensure higher precision requirement. Boom adopts square rail, horizontal stretch and retract adopts gear and rack transmission with high precision and stability. Besides, safety falling protective device is set for boom elevating. The features and description of each kind of products are shown in the official website.


Fengwei Machinery owns a good reputation in the past years, which is a company really worth being recommended. If you have any doubts after browsing the website,  you can fill in the application form on the official website to visit the manufacturer's environment and production lines. If you have a need of welding equipment and others related products, please take Fengwei Machinery into consideration.


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