How to choose an appropriate welding positioner

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Welding positioner is a very important auxiliary equipment in welding auxiliary equipment, usually used in conjunction with column and boom welding manipulator and pipe turning rolls. The welding positioner can mainly improve the welding accuracy of the welding parts, so that the welding position and welding speed can achieve the maximum effect. Then how to choose a suitable welding positioner in accordance with correspondent standard when we choose the machine?

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(1) Functional requirements of the machine: the machine should be able to achieve a certain degree of movement, such as translation, lifting or turning. If it's a shift, is it a straight line or a curve? If it is a rotary movement, is it continuous rotation or intermittent rollover, etc.?

(2) Requirements for the speed of movement: it must be clear whether it is fast or slow, constant speed, or variable speed, graded speed, or infinitely variable speed.

(3) Requirements for the stability and accuracy of the transmission: for the positioner used in automatic welding, the transmission is required to have a high precision, then worm drive and gear drive can be selected.

(4) Requirements on the ability of self-locking, overload protection, displacement machine, vibration absorption, etc.: the transmission used for general lifting or turning and with danger of overturning, for safety, the transmission mechanism must have the ability of self-locking. Transmission mode and its corresponding transmission mechanism may have multiple, then it is necessary to consider the transmission power between them, the degree of size compact, transmission efficiency, and manufacturing cost to select the best.

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The choice of welding positioner must be based on their own requirements. The buyers firstly should make clear with what functions the products they need to buy can achieve, and whether the products they choose and buy can achieve the production needs or not. Different models, different manufacturers will have some differences in the production of the welding positioner. Before making an order, we highly recommend you to talk with us, Fengwei Machinery will help you fully understand the function and characteristics of the positioner. Choose the highly cost-effective of the positioner, so that the production will be more convenient.


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