Fit Up Pipe Turning Roll

Fit-up pipe turning roll is one of the specialized welding rotators, helping to clamp workpieces with corresponding diameters. Such action helps to save labor force and increase working efficiency.

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Product Description

Fit up turning roller consists of manually walking trolley, turning rollers, hydraulic system and control system.

Fit Up Turning Roll_technical layout

Manually Walking Trolley

The welding rotator adopts manually walking trolley1 to adjust the distance between adjacent rollers based on the size of workpieces. A rail is set on the bottom to stabilize2 welding rotators by using screws. Such setting can effectively prevent side-slip and work safely. 

Adjustable Welding Rotator

Fit-up turning roll is in a framework of adjustable welding rotator3. According to the parameters of workpieces, you can move distance between rollers to adjust wheel centers for precision.

Fit-up pipe welding rotators move woorkpieces

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system consists of two identical followers. Each idle roller is equipped with 2 hydraulic systems. The pump station is installed on the roller and moved with the roller. With individual powered adjustment for each wheel, the roller can move workpieces up or down, left or right to group pipes for welding (shown left).


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