Industry standard and roller material of welding rotator

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Is there any relevant industry standards for the welding rotator? The answer is Yes.


First of all, the vessel turning roller should use a DC motor or an AC wide speed motor to drive the active roller through the gearbox. The circumferential speed of the active roller should meet the welding process requirements, and the stepless speed regulation range is 6-60 m/h. According to different welding processes, the speed fluctuations can be divided into grade A and grade B. The rotation speed of the roller should be uniform and stable, and crawling situation is not allowed.


Secondly, the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of cylinder turning roll should meet the level 8 of accuracy requirements. The material should be selected from high-quality steel for manufacturing, and the stress should be eliminated and heat treated after welding. The roller frame must be equipped with a reliable conductive device, and no welding current is allowed to flow through the bearing in case of causing damage.


In addition, the diameter, the rated load and the allowable diameter of the cylindrical workpiece should meet the regulations. If the cylindrical workpiece is welded to the anti-axial rolling roller frame, then the axial direction of the workpiece, the movement rate should be less than or equal to ± 3mm. The center distance of each pair of rollers must be able to be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylindrical workpiece to ensure that the wrap angle of the two rollers to the simplified style is 45 ° - 110 °.


The rollers on the welding rotator are made of various materials, mainly polyurethane, metal and steel-rubber combined rollers. Clients should purchase the type based on real demands. Polyurethane roller for welding roller frame is an emerging organic polymer material and has excellent oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance and aging resistance. The roller with imported polyurethane has tensile strength, tear strength, wear resistance and other properties, which are all 3-5 times higher than ordinary rubber. Especially suitable for welding processing of wind tower production line and stainless steel cylinder.

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Steel and rubber combination can only bear large pressure, and the life of rubber wheel is long. The main drive worm adopts ZC arc tooth cylindrical worm, the tooth surface of the worm is quenched and ground, and the bearing capacity is twice that of the general energy cylindrical worm. The efficiency is high and the service life is long. Adjust the interval between the two rounds.


The surface of the metal wheel is quenched by high frequency, with large load capacity and strong driving ability. The wheel frame is annealed after welding to ensure long-term use and stable wheel frame performance.

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