What is a Welding Rotator

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It is designed for the positioning of conventional welding and assembly of pipes and profiles. Conventional Rotators or Pipe Welding Rollers are used to assist the welding process by safely rotating pipes-pool sections that are neither standard in diameter, length, configuration, or weight.

Turning Rolls are usually arranged in sets including a pair of identical rolls, one of which is rotated by an electric motor through a reduction gearbox, known at the powered or drive unit while the other is idle, so arranged that the distance between the rolls can be adjusted to accommodate cylinders of different diameters, and mounted on a fabricated frame of simple shape.

When performing a weld on a pipe or cylindrical workpiece, usually the weld must cover the circumference of the pipe evenly. It’s also important for the weld to be of high quality and strong, as a lot of pressure could be put on the pipe depending on what the final work is meant for.

When pipe welding is done by hand, the welder must move around the pipe slowly as they carry out the work. Without a welding rotator, this is difficult and necessary work in order to get the correct weld. Using a pipe rotator enables the tank/vessel to be turned at desired speeds enabling the welder to carry out the work far easier & more efficiently, giving a higher quality weld to form roll steel tubular.

A conventional welding rotator consists of a motorized driving unit and an idler supporting unit. The power unit is driven by a heavy-duty geared motor. Motors, gear reducers, frequency converter, and plenty of fittings are checked against strict quality standards before the final assembly into a carefully designed frame rack.

The conventional welding rotator falls into two major types, self-aligning rotator, and adjustable rotator. It’s easy to distinguish the difference by wheels counting: in a self- aligning rotator there are two wheels while an adjustable rotator has four wheels. You can refer to our website for more detailed info. Moreover, there are a few specialty rotators that meet increasingly diversified demand. The hydraulic welding rotator is particularly suitable for work-pieces with lifting requirements. Please kindly provide us with your demand by filling out the form listed on our website. We will reach you in 12 hours.


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