What is a Welding Positioner

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A welding positioner is a handy welding design that rotates 360 degrees to securely hold and lift large weldments so that a welder can access the weld area in an optimal orientation.

You no longer have to maneuver the electrode holder or torch as you get to work in a flat position, allowing you to concentrate on the specific areas of work. Using a welding gripper also ensures a welder manages faster welding speeds when welding with a semiautomatic or manual welding setup.

It finds a wide application in industries that use metal fabrication or CNC Machining to shape metal parts or components. It provides extra comfort, especially when working on oddly shaped welds like tubular pipelines.

It consists of a rotating index and a tilting mechanism. Major parts include motor, reducer, frequency converter and other fittings. Variable frequency control system has ensured a best welding speed practice. Many safety precautions in place, even less experienced weld operators can safely manipulate this machine while focusing on welding functions.

There are a total of 10 series of products with more than a hundred variants. Moreover, many specialty positioners are also offered. For instance, there are hydraulic positioners for welding work with lifting requirement. Even we have heavy duty turntables available.

Please check out our website for general requirement. As for diversified demand, kindly inform us by filling out the message form on our website. Special attention goes to weldment weight and shape. We will revert to you with layout design within 12 hours.

10 plus years. Rack has been treated with annealing process. Customers are entitled to a lifespan after-sale service.

While welding, always keep in mind the loading capacity. Remember to clean the chuck table of welding slag and other metal debris. Special attention goes to gears, to which timely lubrication is a must.  As a result, an intelligent operation would guarantee a long-lasting use.

Durable since it is made from a quality exterior that is dent-resistant

Comes with a fairly wide worktable and clamp with inside and outside jaws

Boasts of a high-quality DC motor that can manage rotating speeds of up to 20rpm

Easy to operate as it comes with an adjustment knob, which can make up to 10 adjustments

The rotation is easy to control as you can also control table rotation using the footswitch.

Flexible to use on light annular weld


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