Types of Wind Tower Production Line

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The wind turbine tower carries the rotor and the nacelle. The types of the tower that are used for a large wind turbine can be either lattice towers, tubular towers, or concrete towers.


Notwithstanding, the guyed tabular type of towers is only employed for small-sized wind turbines such as battery chargers.


Therefore, in the production of wind towers for renewable energy that is of large industrial-scale, the heavy machine is needed.


However, for you to obtain a high-quality wind tower production line, you need to contact a reputable and renowned wind-tower-production-line manufacturer.


wind tower production line

Here are some types of wind tower production line:

1. Welding Manipulator

It can be controlled together with welding power, pipe turning roller, or welding positioner according to customer requirements. The precise welding torch moves on the boom, making it suitable for GTAW, GMAW, and SAW applications. These manipulators have fixed column type, 360-degree manual/electric rotation, and manual/electric trolley.


2. Adjustable Turning Roller

The adjustable turning roller is mainly composed of a power rotor, an idling rotor, a reducer system and a control system. Mainly used for longitudinal and circular seam welding of cylinders connected with submerged arc welding machines.


Adjustable turning rollers are essential equipment for heavy and light processing workshops, used to rotate or position cylindrical workpieces for circumferential welding (TIG / MIG / SAW) or for complex assembly.


3. Welding Positioner Roller

The welding positioner, also known as the welding turntable, is widely used to adjust the position of the workpiece to achieve the required welding or assembly angle. The standard type of welding positioner cannot meet all requirements. We can provide customized layout according to your workpiece size (from several hundred kilograms to several hundred tons).


Wind tower production line

Manufacturers know the requirement of using heavy machine in the production of large industrial renewable energy for a wind turbine. Not just to a wind turbine that power one home, but a type that can power a home with a single rotation.


Notwithstanding, the wind tower production line, that produces the wind tower, uses different types of machine for its automation as a method to increase production quality, control cost, and increase weld.


The machine used in the production/growing line for wind energy has numerous types. One of the materials is a can roller that can be used in shaping metal plates of different thickness to a steel can.  


Also, the welding rotator can be employed to turn the can mechanically, meanwhile, another machine can seal the can by applying an external circumferential weld.


The operators regulate the rotation speed and observe the quality of the weld.


The welding automation processes for both longitudinal and circumferential welds allows manufacturing of wind turbine to increase in quality and production, and also, lowering overheads.


Immediately the cans are closed, turntables and positioners can be used as a portion of the production line for different weld processes;


And before being relocated to a fit-up bed mechanically, where every can will be then assembled, ready for transportation to the destination site.


Are you in need of a wind tower production line?

In the production of a high-quality wind tower, a wind tower production line of good quality is required.


Therefore, you need to contact a reputable wind-tower-production-line manufacturer with many years of experience. However, you can contact us today for a smooth transaction and business.


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