CNC flame cutting machine improves work efficiency

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"This is our new CNC plasma flame straight strip cutting machine. This equipment has cut 196 steel structural rib plates in more than 2 hours, and the cutting surface is smooth, and the geometric dimension accuracy reaches 100%, which is very helpful for us to improve the construction quality." Since the steel structure plant of the steel structure company has introduced the new equipment of numerical control plasma cutting machine, the workers of the factory have been full of praise for it.


In order to continuously meet the increasingly stringent construction quality requirements, the steel structure company actively introduces new equipment and new technology and creates favorable conditions for creating high-quality projects through the improvement of technical equipment level. CNC flame cutting is to use digital program to drive the movement of machine tool, equipped with flame cutting system, and use CNC system to control the switch of flame cutting system to cut steel plate and other metal materials.


  1. It can cut very thick carbon steel, and its cutting range is very wide. It can cut 6-200 mm thick steel plate;

  2. The price of flame cutting machine is relatively low, and the initial investment cost is also low.


  1. The time of preheating and piercing is long and the cutting speed is slow;

  2. The thermal deformation of cutting is large, especially when cutting (0.5 ~ 6 mm) thin plate, the cutting accuracy is not high.

  3. Unable to cut copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

  4. The way of burning fuel has serious environmental pollution and is not environmentally friendly.


Although CNC flame cutting thin plate (0.5 ~ 6 mm) has been gradually replaced by plasma cutting in the field of cutting, but in cutting thick plate and medium plate, CNC flame cutting is still in a pivotal position, and flame cutting with its price advantage, has always occupied a certain market share in the thin plate cutting.


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