Installation precautions and elastic factors of welding turning-roll

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Welding roller can be seen everywhere in our life. Before installation, the roller should be cleaned in clean kerosene. Under the condition of keeping the installation tools and hands clean, first coat the bearing with low-temperature grease; then press the wheels on the drilling machine (upper clamping tools and lower the guide wheel with newspaper), tighten the backup nuts at both ends of the guide wheel with appropriate rotation force, and then tighten the screws.

Clean the mounting hole on the wire frame, press the installed roller and roller seat vertically, and pay attention not to pad it with wood with too much force. It is necessary to ensure that the cover caps at both ends can adjust the position of the guide wheel freely, and then tighten the jacking wire with great force, so as to limit the displacement of the bearing seat.

In the whole installation process of welding roller carrier, there is no part that needs to be knocked to install. All the phenomena that can not be installed without smashing are wrong. To keep the guide wheel running smoothly and freely, there should always be lubricating grease to fill the running space of the bearing. Attention should be paid to the cleanness and effectiveness of the insulation of the guide wheel sleeve. The guide wheel should be able to run freely without any jamming and periodic tightness. These are the necessary conditions for roller carrier roller and bearing to run smoothly for a long time.

The elasticity of welding roller carrier roller is related to the composition of polyurethane, the thickness of polyurethane, and whether there are other chemical substances. Even temperature can affect the elasticity of polyurethane roller. If the thickness of polyurethane on roller carrier is measured in mm, then its elasticity is very small.

Whether there are other chemical components in the material of welding roller carrier roller will affect the hardness of polyurethane, and the same external temperature is one of the factors influencing the hardness. If the hardness is too large, the elasticity is also very limited.


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