What kind of welding roller carrier roller design structure can improve the performance?

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Welding roller carrier roller has self-adjusting, adjustable, flat car type, tilting type, anti axial movement, and other forms. The self-adjusting roller carrier shall be installed in a firm, ventilated, rainproof,moisture-proof, and dust-proof place, and shall be far away from violent vibration and turbulence.It is strictly forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment.

When the main and driven roller frames are installed at the same time,it must be ensured that the main and driven frames are at the same height,and the center line is on the same line,and the diagonal line of the main and driven frames shall be measured for adjustment.The diameter and weight of the workpiece should be strictly in accordance with the design requirements,otherwise safety accidents may occur.According to the length of the equipment,the distance between the main and auxiliary wheels should be adjusted appropriately.

The welding roller carrier roller is only suitable for working at normal temperature.Under special circumstances,the contact between the workpiece and the rubber wheel is very high,and the temperature is not allowed to be higher than 75 degrees,otherwise the rubber wheel may be damaged.When using,the roller should fully contact the workpiece,and it is forbidden to contact the weld or sharp parts.At the same time,when lifting the workpiece,it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller to prevent damage to the roller or other parts.If the equipment is not fixed,strong impact is likely to cause overturning of the whole machine.

The commissioning roller frame is gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed during start-up.When changing direction, the motor can be converted only after the motor stops,otherwise it is easy to cause the motor to burn out.During operation,it is strictly forbidden to separate man and machine,and no one is allowed to stand within the radius of workpiece rotation.

In order to ensure the performance of the equipment,the transmission parts should be filled with sufficient lubricating oil before use,and the equipment should be filled in the daily inspection and maintenance record form.The whole machine should be checked regularly after using for a period of time,and the maintenance record form should be filled in.Check and remove the obstacles on the equipment before use,and special personnel shall be assigned to use and keep it.


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