Material selection and cleaning of welding turning-roll

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With the development of science and technology,people improve the requirements of various equipment,including the welding turning roller we use.The polyurethane roller used in welding turning roller is made of organic polymer material polyurethane.It not only has good oil resistance,toughness,wear resistance and aging resistance,but also has much higher tensile strength,tear strength and wear resistance than ordinary rubber.

The steel rubber composite roller is characterized by large pressure bearing capacity and long service life of rubber wheel,which is because its main drive worm adopts ZC circular arc tooth cylindrical worm,and the worm tooth surface has also undergone special treatment such as quenching and grinding,which brings high efficiency and long service life.

In the application process of welding turning roller ,it is easy to stick dirty things,especially the welding roller,which can be cleaned by special turning roll cleaning machine.At the same time, before cleaning,remove the support wheel on the welding roller carrier and other parts to be removed.Then put the disassembled parts into the container,add the cleaning agent and water according to the proportion of 1:5,and carry out simple cleaning.Pay attention to the time of soaking for too long.

Then use a clean cloth dipped in 1:5 mixed detergent to wipe the whole turning roller to clean and remove the surface stains.After all the components on the welding turning roller are cleaned,clean them with dry cloth,and then pour on the curing agent provided by the original factory to wipe the surface of the welding turning roll,then install all the removed parts to keep them intact.

After the welding turning roller is used well,proper maintenance is needed,not only to prolong its service life,but also to ensure the smooth development of the next work. Firstly,check the external environment of welding turning roll to see whether it meets the requirements and make sure that there is no interference of foreign matters;then make it run in idle state under the state of power on,and the normal equipment should be free of abnormal noise, vibration and smell.

When it is necessary to place the workpiece on the welding turning roll, the diameter and weight of the workpiece shall meet the design requirements, otherwise safety accidents may occur; moreover, according to the length of the equipment, the distance of the welding roller should be adjusted appropriately to reduce unnecessary problems.


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