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Welding Equipments Series

Development history of Fengwei Cutting & Welding Equipment

Since early before 2002, leading by President Wang, a small number of people were teamed and started up for researching and developing the manufacturing process of welding automation equipments. Until today, it has been over 20-year history of R&D, independent processing and customizing welding equipments. Fengwei Machinery are widely recognized by new and returning clients in terms of products and services.   

One of your choice: Welding Automation Equipment

A few of well-known Welding automation equipments are welding rotator, welding positioner and welding manipulator etc. Welding rotator and column&boom welding equipment are widely used in the field of welding and cutting such as Cylinders, and they are good automated assistant in the factory. In the operation of cylinder workpieces with different specifications and models, welding automation equipment requires high-quality materials, hardness and accuracy, otherwise may impact the precision and efficiency in the process of workpiece operation. As we are used to deliver the most appropriate solutions for the client based on requirement, it is helpful to offer us some indicators. For instance, welding rotator requests the diameter, thickness and material type of work pieces. If wrong info, may lead to inefficiency of the work. Similarly, column and boom welding equipment asks for material type, diameter and length of work pieces. More indicators about work pieces are provided, a more precise the technical proposal will be customized exclusively for you. You will get a very matchable solution for your factory.

As Fengwei Machinery has completed series of processing equipments such as self-produced CNC cutting equipments and a full set of in-house made production flow. Each process is strictly controlled to ensure reliable quality with fast delivery time. For more information, Fengwei Machinery family sincerely invite you for a company tour and have a technical high-tea.

Cantilever Welding Machine is an ideal equipment to weld assembled H-Beam Steel by adopting automatic submerged. Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

H-beam Assembling Machine includes several models, specialized at hydraulic automatic centering. Shoot us a message for more details and a customized technical solution.

Gantry-Type Auto Welding Machine is made up of Gantry rack, welding arm, welding tracking device, flux recovery system, electric control system and submerged arc welding machine. Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine is specialized to deform welded H-beam, including mechanical type and hydraulic type. Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

UBZ-12 Box Girder Assembling Machine is specialized for bottom plate, web plate and baffle plate of box beam. Shoot us a message for more details.

This welding machine adopts vertical type electrostatic welding, which can weld the inner baffle and around plates more reliably. Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is a highly efficient and productive automated welding method, equipped with other assistant machines in the field of Box Girder Production Line. Shoot us a message for a customized technical solution.

This type of gantry welding machine is specialized for straight welding of the outer side of electric power poles with mature technology. Please leave us a message for a detailed and customized technical solution.

Headstock and tailstock positioner is typically used for long and large rectangular work pieces in different applications and being supported by both ends.

Fit-up pipe turning roll is one of the specialized welding rotators, helping to clamp workpieces with corresponding diameters. Such action helps to save labor force and increase working efficiency.


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