Development and Application of H-beam Straightener

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As important equipment to ensure the quality of finished products, the straightening machine plays an important role in the section steel production line. Combined with the product specifications and technologies at home and abroad, MCC South independently developed 900 ten rolls equal pitch cantilever straightener, which was applied to the production line. The straightener was manufactured by the heavy industry company of MCC south, which realized the complete localization of this type of straightener. The production practice shows that the straightening machine can meet the straightening requirements of various types and specifications of section steel in the production line, and it is worth popularizing in the same industry.

The frame of the straightening machine adopts a split combined structure, the upper part is the frame structure, and the lower part is the distribution gearbox. The upper and lower parts of the frame are connected by high-strength bolts. Because the frame bears the straightening force and a certain impact force in the straightening process, it must have sufficient strength and stiffness. Through the finite element software analysis, in order to ensure the bearing capacity, the frame is made of high-performance material: the column is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, the beam and bearing seat are made of carbon cast steel.

The upper and lower straightening rolls of the straightening machine. In order to adapt to the working strength of the straightening process, the upper and lower roller shafts are made of materials with high strength and toughness. The main shaft of the straightening roll is equipped with front and rear main bearings. The main bearing is a double row cylindrical roller bearing. A pair of radial thrust spherical surface bearings are installed behind the main bearing on the transmission side. The above bearing combination is used to bear the radial and axial loads during the straightening process and meet the straightening requirements.

The axial adjustment device of the straightening machine. In order to ensure the alignment of the straightening process, each straightening roller is designed with an axial adjusting device. The device is installed on the drive side of each straightening roll and is driven by a gear motor. Finally, the axial force is applied to the radial thrust ball surface bearing, so that each straightening roll shaft is axially displaced. The axial adjustment is precisely controlled by the displacement sensor installed on the bearing seat, which can shorten the adjustment time.

Reduction device of straightening machine. In order to meet the requirements of different types and specifications of profile steel on the straightening roll gap, a screw-down device is designed for each upper straightening roll. The device is installed on the upper part of the frame. The gear motor drives the screw down through the worm gear mechanism to realize the lifting of each upper straightening roll along the vertical slideway. A displacement sensor is installed on the protective cover of the screw-down device, which can accurately control the pressing stroke required in the straightening of the profile steel, so as to quickly adjust the vertical position of the upper straightening roll according to the process requirements.

Guide and guard the entrance and exit of the straightening machine. The guide and guard device is set at the entrance and exit of the straightener, which is hinged on the frame. The guide can be lifted and lowered by a manual worm gear jack to meet the requirements of profile steel bite in elevation. One hydraulic cylinder is set at the inlet and outlet guide respectively, which can swing to facilitate roll change.

The straightening machine is designed and manufactured in China, which effectively reduces the cost of design and manufacturing, and effectively promotes the continuous development of the H-beam straightening machine in the localization process, which is worthy of promotion and reference in the industry.


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