Application of submerged arc welding machine in welding operation frame

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The welding manipulator is special equipment combined with welding roller carrier and welding positioner to automatically weld the inner and outer girth seams,fillet welds and inner and outer longitudinal seams of components.It has various structural forms such as fixed, rotary, and all positions. According to the needs of users, the structure can be selected and various welding machines can be equipped.

Composition principle of welding manipulator: it is mainly composed of operation device, control device, power source device, and process guarantee device.

1.The operating device includes a guide rail, angle adjusting mechanism, vertical guiding mechanism, welding gun clamp, and welding gun. The angle adjusting mechanism can make the welding gun rotate positive and negative around the center.

2.The control device is composed of the electrical control system, which can control the working state of the welding operator.

3.The power source device is composed of air cylinder and is driven by air pressure for power transmission.

4.The process guarantee device is composed of a wire guide mechanism, wire guide pipe, and wire guide nozzle, which can realize the automatic orientation of the welding wire and ensure the welding quality.

Welding manipulator is generally composed of column, beam, rotary mechanism, trolley, and other parts. Each component is a building block structure, and the general column and beam are its basic components. The rest parts can be selected according to the user's requirements. The column and beam adopt bending welding structural parts, which have good rigidity. Light, medium, and heavy welding operators adopt triangular guide rail, and super heavy welding machine adopts plane square guide rail, which is ground and high frequency quenched. The high precision and wear resistance of the guide rail is ensured. It is used for longitudinal and circumferential seam welding of inner and outer seams of cylindrical workpieces such as boiler drum and petrochemical vessel in the pressure vessel.

Submerged arc welding (SAW) of welding manipulator is a kind of welding method in which the arc carries out combustion welding under the protective layer of flux. The arc is covered by flux and isolated from the air. There is no arc radiation during welding, which can reduce the injury to the operator. The welding seam is effectively protected by the metallurgical action of flux during combustion so that the weld does not produce defects such as porosity and slag inclusion, and the weld quality is high. The submerged arc welding trolley (welding car) is equipped with an automatic speed change wire feeding mechanism and a walking mechanism. When welding manipulator welding, automatic wire feeding, and walking can make the weld forming beautiful and production efficiency high. Therefore, submerged arc welding is widely used in industry.

The submerged arc welding machine is more complex and expensive welding equipment, and its maintenance is very important.

1.The equipment should be used by special personnel

Operators should understand the basic principle of the equipment, reasonably use the welding process specification for welding, and the personnel should be trained and assessed;

2.The submerged arc welding equipment should be cleaned and replaced regularly;

3.The incoming and outgoing lines and grounding wires of the power supply must be well connected;

4.The control cable should be fixed at the end of the trolley to avoid serious bending damage and failure.


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