Special Features of Welding Manipulator

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A lot of seemingly simple items can only be made by welding process, so what items need to be used in the actual welding process? First of all, we need a temperature that can make tin or a melting point melt, and then melt it through the instantaneous temperature, and then solidify it, and then fix it into a welding principle. Now with the development of intelligent world, the welding manipulator should also be born.

Apparently, the welding manipulator is much cheaper than the labor. The welding manipulator can replace the labor to complete the corresponding production operation in a long period of time. The time, labor and efficiency paid will be greatly improved. The welding manipulator can first carry out welding work, including common cutting and spraying, controlling various welding guns through the sensor system, which has control equipment such as recording power or camera. It can effectively carry out butt welding.


Therefore, welding is generally divided into two systems, one is the control system and the other is the operating system, which are closely connected and inseparable. Secondly, if the welding equipment is combined with the advanced welding method, under the function of the control system, the welding of the original cylinder less than one centimeter can be completed, and the thickness is about 0.5mm, after all, the intelligent power is still very strong.

diagram of column and boom welding manipulator


At the same time, it is enough to prove that the accuracy of welding method is quite high. Compared with other operation methods, the welding manipulator is simple and applicable to many materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel and other various metal ball welding, while achieving stable welding quality. Because of this, welding manipulator can be widely used in various industries.


For the common features of general welding manipulator are introduced above, and this section is going to show you more details about the welding manipulator in FENGWEI Machinery. The welding manipulator in FW is a 3 in 1 controlled together with welding power, piper turning roller or welding positioner according to clients’ request. Precise welding torch traveling on the boom makes it suitable for GTAM, GMAW and SAW applications. These manipulators are available in fixed column, 360-degree manual/motorized rotation and manual/motorized trolley. The column and boom adopt welding equipment which adopts tempering post welding, then carry out fine machining which can ensure higher precision requirement. Boom adopts square rail, horizontal stretch and retract adopts gear and rack transmission with high precision and stability. Besides, safety falling protective device is set for boom elevating. There’s cross slider for the welding troch equipped in front of the boom to realize welding torch cross adjust for going up, down, left and right. What’s more, a ladder is also tied on the column, which is convenient for maintenance. It is equipped with the platform convenient for welders to say. Last but not least, this welding manipulatorcan be equipped with a wireless remote-control box for convenience.


FENGWEI Machinery owns a good reputation in the past years, especially its welding equipment is really worth being recommended as a welding manipulator manufacturer. If you have a need of welding equipment and others related products, please take FENGWEI Machinery into consideration.


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