How to Make the Operation of Positioner More Stable?

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With rapid economic development, the positioner plays an important role in the entire modern production. The positioner is a device used to drag the workpiece to move to an ideal position for welding operations. So how can we operate the positioner to make it more efficient and operate more smoothly?

As an excellent welding positioners manufacturer, Fengwei is going to share some knowledge with you.


If you want the positioner to operate more smoothly, first you need to select the mechanical transmission mode and corresponding transmission mechanism between the motor and the rotary welding positioner turntable. Explicitly note the following points:

1. The mechanical function requirements of the positioner mainly refer to the actions that the positioner can achieve, such as lifting, translation or rotation. If it is translation, then whether the translation is of the curve or of the straight line; It is a turning motion, whether it’s intermittent turning or continuous turning.

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2. The accuracy and stability of the transmission requirements

If it is an automatic positioner, the transmission requirements and accuracy will be higher, it is best to choose gear transmission or worm transmission. If the positioner is open, then it will be simpler to operate, because it is more compact in structure, it will occupy a smaller area and the most important thing is that the labor intensity of the workers will follow It is much reduced. However, the overall design of the tooling needs to focus on the simplicity of card installation.


3. The protection of overload and self-locking, and the requirements of shock absorption capacity

Under normal circumstances, lifting and turning both have the danger of transmission. In order to be more secure, then the transmission mechanism is best to choose with a self-locking function, and there are also many transmission methods and transmission mechanisms. It is best to know the size and power of the transmission in advance.


4. The speed of movement

The speed must be clearly marked, whether it is variable speed or constant speed, fast or slow speed, stepless speed change and stepwise speed change.


Therefore, we can choose the positioner we need according to the structural characteristics of the positioner. If it is for small workpieces, we can choose a seat type and universal positioner. If it is performed manually, the positioner we choose must be capable of ship welding different workpieces, or directly converted from flat seam to the welding seam. Absolute welding or vertical welding must be avoided to be effective. If you are in need, please contact us! Fengwei will provide reasonable welding positioner price for you.


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