How Can H-beam Production Line Be Based on Modern Industry?

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Steel structure has become an indispensable variety in the modern steel structure industry. Because of its green environmental protection, loose construction conditions, it has been widely used in steel structure workshops, large frame structures, general steel plant construction, chemical equipment, steel making furnaces, boilers, power plants, bridges, etc. It’s suitable for metallurgical construction, high-rise buildings, such as the classic masterpiece of the Bird's Nest building in the capital of China.

h beam production line

Wuxi Fengwei is a H-beam production line manufacturer. We believe that with its high performance, high efficiency and high quality, H-beam production line will be based on modern industry. Next, let's introduce how does the H-beam production line complete its high-performance, high-efficiency and high-quality?


Wuxi Fengwei's H-beam production line adopts a steel structure production line consisting of CNC multi-head flame cutting machine, H-beam assembly machine, H-beam auto welding machine, H-beam flange straightening machine. The degree of automation reduces labor intensity and production costs. It also improves production efficiency.


Wuxi Fengwei's new fully automatic H-beam production line is developed to meet the needs of modern industry. Regarding the welding quality of H-beams, the gantry-type welding machine developed by the company is special equipment for welding H-beams. Its welding trolley is driven and controlled by an inverter with stable speed, digital display line speed, good reliability and uniform weld seams.


1. The use of CNC multi-head strip cutting machine can realize the perfect combination of CNC control, precision mechanical transmission and gas cutting;

2. Utilize the H-beam automatic assembly machine close to the alignment, hydraulic clamping method for assembly and electric welding;

3. The use of H-beam flange straightening machine through advanced heat treatment to avoid the defects of the part prone to cracks;

4. Special equipment for cleaning and strengthening the surface of H-type steel; H-beam shot blasting machines can also be used to clean and strengthen the surfaces of welded components, steel plates and other profiles.


As the leading H-beam welding machine manufacturer, Fengwei also produces Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine, Bevel Milling Machine, Automatic Welding Machine, Welding Assistant Machine (i.e. Welding Rotators, Welding Positioners), Wind Power Production Line, H-Beam Assembly Machine and Box Beam Production Line. Please contact us by the following ways if you are in need.



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