Happy Christmas From Us To All Our Customers And Staff

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As is a norm with other holidays and festivities in the year, Christmas is truly a special time of the year for people of all ages around the world.


It brings the year to end with colours as lights, sparkly reindeers, decorated Christmas trees lights up every street corner.


While everyone is caught up in the festive spirit and looking forward to the holiday of joy and sharing, we are not left out in the celebration and excitement of the yuletide season.


As a company with a  good reputation as a leading producer of welding turntable, our staff and team of research and development team work tirelessly in ensuring that the needs of her customers are fully met.


We also ensure that our all our teeming customers get quality for their money's worth per time.


We prioritize our staff and understand the importance of family bonding and the importance of the holiday and that is why holidays like this are usually left open.


Merry Christmas

This is to ensure that our staff can also spend time with their family and loved one and equally partake in the Christmas celebration.


Before the break, the company can be seen to be caught up in the frenzy of the festive season as the staff and employees go about decorating and lighting up the company.


Lights and Christmas trees and even staff dressed as Santa helpers are seen all around the company. As we all know Christmas is a season of giving and bringing happiness to each other and so we use the opportunity to reach out to our staff.


Different forms of incentives were shared to staff and employees in different categories of the company. Gift cards, vouchers and food coupons, and actual gifts were shared amongst them.  Our staff went home all excited to share their  goodies with their family.


Our annual Christmas party was also held, with our staff dressed in colourful Santa helpers and elves costumes with everyone looking their best.


We also used this opportunity to reward our hard working staff with awards. The employees of the month and year were equally awarded, before our staff went home to enjoy the break.


we understand the importance of taking time off and are also assured that our staff would return back to work all energized and filled with creativity for the next year.


However, our customers are not also left out in the celebrations as our end of the year discount and sales are used to celebrate the holiday. New designs of welding turntables are also launched during the holiday.


Customers need to worry about our staff closing for the holiday. Our dedicated staff work really hard to ensure that even during the holiday, our customers are able to get products whenever needed.


To all our esteemed and loyal customers, we wish to use this medium to wish you season's greetings and a merry Christmas.


We also want to assure you that you can always count on us for your quality welding turntable anytime the need arises. Partner with us today to get your money's worth on high-end welding turntables. 


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