5 principles of Welding Positioner Selection

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Welding positioner is a special welding auxiliary equipment, which is suitable for welding displacement of rotary work to obtain the ideal processing position and welding speed. It can be equipped with an operating and welding machine to form an automatic welding center.


During the welding work, the center of gravity and the eccentricity of the positioner on the entire work surface should be guaranteed within the corresponding data range, especially loading capacity. In addition to these, you need to consider whether it is easy to operate and whether it’s convenient to weld. There are various welding positioners manufacturers in the market and the quality of products is also quite uneven. What should be paid attention to during the selection of welding positioner?

Pipe Welding Positioner

The following are 5 principles about how to choose a suitable welding positioner contain:


1. The principle of workpiece application: The shapes of different structural parts of construction equipment are very different. The displacement requirements during welding vary as well. Therefore, an appropriate welding positioner should be selected according to the structural characteristics of welding structural parts and welding requirements.


2. The principle of convenient welding: According to the manual welding operation conditions, the selected welding positioner should be able to transfer any welded workpieces to the flat welding or ship welding position to avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, to ensure welding quality.


3. If the optional welding positioner is used for circular seam welding, the speed of rotation should be considered according to the groove of the weldment. The speed should be within the range of the speed adjustment of the positioner.


4. If the size of the entire weldment of the welding positioner is relatively large, then the inclination of the worktable needs to be considered. Whether the angle of inclination can meet the optimal welding position of the weldment should be taken into consideration too. When contact occurs between the inclined angle and the weldment, it needs to have a larger gap from the ground to ensure the processing requirements of the entire welding.


5. The principle of easy operation: You should choose a safe, reliable, open, low operating height, compact welding positioner to facilitate the operation and placement of the welding positioner. If the welding operation height of the welding structure positioner is high, workers can perform welding by means of heightening. They can also adjust the height position by installing a hydraulic lifting platform.


With the continuous development of science and technology, the welding positioner has also quietly become indispensable equipment in the manufacturing industry. It is classified as welding auxiliary equipment in the welding field. Pipe welding positioners are popular in industry use nowadays. In recent years, it has made great progress in the Chinese construction equipment industry and has been widely used. In the selection process of welding positioner, I hope the above 5 principles can help you.


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